Nov 082012

Live Phone Chat

So here is the scenario. You have been at work, working the stove. It has been a busy day and you are alone in the kitchen. For some reason, they are also training managers at your store for other stores. You get a call to make a chili dog. You start to make it, and then learn seven different ways to make a chili dog, all of them official, none of them right.

It is the end of the day, and you just want to unwind and maybe talk to some one. Your friends are all at work or school or busy. What do you do, hot shot? What do you do? Our advice? Call our free chat number.

Most people think it’s all about phone dating or things like that. That’s how most people use it, but there are also people who call just to talk to other people. Sometimes, you just want to vent to someone and that someone wants to vent back. Maybe there are a lot of people who want to vent on the free party line….

And at the end of the night, you get some new friends and a lot of reasons why maybe you have not got it as bad as you thought.


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