Mar 312013

Let's Celebrate Easter

Hey there, everyone! We want to be the first ones to wish you a very Happy Easter. We’re in the homestretch toward summer now, and we hope you were able to bring it in right.

Of course, if you were present at (and possibly still recovering from) our little party Friday night, then we know for sure that you’ve got it started off right!

If you were so unfortunate as to miss it, though, don’t worry too much. We’ll forgive you (this time). Besides, even though last Friday was a special party, we’ve got fun going on on the chat line all the time, so you should be able to get your own taste of it soon enough. ;)

We’ve got some really cool things planned throughout the spring and summer. These are all in the works now and will be announced closer to the time that they’re going to happen. But even without any big plans, you can still have fun when you use our free telephone chat line.

Is there anything new that you’d like to see here? If so, please feel free to get in touch with us and let us know. We love hearing from you and getting your input on everything that’s going on. And, once again, Happy Easter, everyone!


Mar 282013

Let The Party Begin

Thank God, it’s Friday! (Well, almost.)

In fact, it’s nearly Good Friday–or it will be in a couple of hours, anyway. And although we know what they were going for when they named it “Good” Friday, it’s still altogether depressing when you think about it too much. But fear not! Your friends at ChatHerBox are going to put the GOOD into this Good Friday without any of the depressing implications…starting with our party line!

Fridays are party days, so Good Friday should be an EXTREME party day, right? Well, that’s what we’re gearing up for here on our free party line. We’ll let you be the judge of how well we’re doing. ;)

Of course, the party line won’t be the only thing that’s jumping on Friday. With the coming of spring and Easter–times that are euphemistically considered times of “reproduction”–we expect that the dating line will be hopping, too. But there’s really only one way to find out, right?

So consider this your formal invitation: Come party with us this Friday, and we’ll turn it from Good Friday into AWESOME Friday. You can have all the uncensored chat you like on our free chat line. We’ll be here waiting for you.


Mar 242013

Free Entertainment

We live in an exciting time and place, where the world is constantly changing. There are more people on earth than ever before, but we’re also closer than ever because of the many ways we have of keeping in touch with old friends and making new ones.

That also means there are lots more forms of entertainment than there ever were before. So how is it that we’re so often bored? It’s a mystery for the ages, really. Nobody’s got a good answer for the question.

We don’t know, either, but we do know that the best type of entertainment is quality entertainment that you don’t have to pay for. Our free chat number is an excellent example of that.

“What’s so exciting about a chat line?” you may be wondering.

Well, there are all kinds of different ways that you can enjoy using our chatline. It’s extremely easy to make friends using our phone chat, and you have several different chat options to choose from as well.

Why not give us a call and find out how cool it is for yourself? We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Just dial the number below for free unlimited telephone chat with your friends at ChatHerBox!


Mar 202013

Free To Call Image

Crazy things happen to people all the time. It’s doubtful that many news outlet would even exist if it weren’t for random strange events. Nowhere is this kind of thing more evident than a place where lots of people gather. You know, places like, I don’t know, a party line?

Amusing and ridiculous things happen here quite often, actually. But recently, one of the funniest things we’ve ever heard on the chatline took place. We had a couple of guys call in who were soon going to be in a play together, and they wanted to practice their lines to an audience. So they gave us a call and an impromptu performance–and not only were they very good, but they were hilarious as well! Those of us who were on the line that night were more than glad for the lovely entertainment.

There are a lot of exciting things like this that go down on our late-night telephone chats, and we’d love to have you be a part of them. Why not give us a try? It’s free, after all. You’ve got nothing to lose!

Hope to hear from you soon! :)


Mar 162013

One Night Stand

Everybody needs a hookup or a one night stand every once in a while. But like the photo above points out, the morning after can be a little…awkward. What if there were a way for you to have some mutual fun with another person without all that awkwardness the next morning? Would you give it a shot?

Of course you would! And now that you’re here, you’ve got your chance to do just that. Sure, we offer a dating line where you can find The One, but if that’s not what you’re looking for, don’t worry. We’ve also got a free hookup line as well.

Just think…a hookup line completely takes care of that awkward morning-after stuff. You call in, you find someone you like who’s looking for the same thing you are, you talk to them awhile and do your thing, and then you hang up. It’s as simple as that. And, best yet, you can still have your bed all to yourself tonight.

So come on in, guys, and try out our live adult chat right now. You’ll find all you’re looking for and then some–and it’s free! You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Hope to talk to you soon!


Mar 122013

It's A Spring Party!

Lots of people think that college is super-exciting all the time. But in our experience, that’s not always the case. Often, college is periods of fun interspersed with periods of boredom. The fun part is awesome, but the boredom, not so much. Sure, you’re there to get an education, but that doesn’t mean you have to act like you’re at a bible college, either.

But your friends here at ChatHerBox want to help you out, which is why we’ve got free party lines to help you get your kicks in between *actual* parties. Hey, why not have your fun while you can?

And don’t think our lines are populated with old, boring people, either. What’d be the fun in that? We have lots of younger callers who want to have the same kind of conversations that you do. It’s free college chat, and it’s awesome!

Then, if you want to have some hookups while you’re at it, our singles’ chat also doesn’t cost you a dime, either. We know that college students are often on a budget (because we’ve totally been there). That’s why we’re not going to do something as ridiculous as charging you to have a conversation with other people.

Check out the number below and give us a call!


Mar 082013

Telephone Chat

Hello, ChatHerBox readers!

In recent days, we’ve gotten several questions concerning our policies toward our users’ privacy. So we decided that we’d post a blog discussing this matter, in case any more of our chat line users (or potential users) had any of the same questions.

Your privacy is our number-one concern. That’s why we do NOT collect any information whatsoever on our users. When you call in, you will not be prompted to enter any information about yourself–no full names, no home addresses, no email addresses, no phone numbers, and certainly no credit card numbers. (This is another way you can tell that our service is completely free and not just a “free trial.” Because we collect no information, we have no way of billing you!)

Therefore, because we connect no information about you, we cannot pass it on to anyone else. That means that your identity remains completely hidden from both us and other users of our free Internet chat. The only way other users can find out any information about you is if you tell them (which is why we strongly encourage you to keep all private information private).

We hope we’ve laid any privacy concerns you may have to rest, so that you can enjoy our free live chat service worry-free!


Mar 042013

Free Chat Number

Most people, when they hear about something being “free,” are always a little skeptical. And, honestly, we can’t blame them. Many advertisers seem to have “free trial” mixed up with “actually free.” Just because they both have the word “free” in them doesn’t mean they’re even close to being the same thing, though.

But the difference between us and them is that we don’t believe you should have to pay for telephone chat numbers. It’s preposterous. That’s why, when we say that our service is free, we actually mean it. Entertainment shouldn’t have to be expensive, after all.

Another way that we’re different from most chat services is that we offer an uncensored party line. You can talk about whatever is on your mind when you call us. And you’ll definitely always find a listening ear.

Everything about our free chat line number is top-quality…and it doesn’t cost a thing. So if you’ve got any doubts about us, put them aside and give us a call. Experience it firsthand and see just how awesome we are–without spending one red cent!

We can’t wait to hear from you, and our other callers can’t, either. That means YOU need to start dialing!

Talk to you soon. :)


Feb 282013

Free Party Line

Hey there, guys and girls. Do you plans for this weekend? If so, we bet you’ll have a fantastic time. If not, we’ve got an offer for you!

Many people like to party on the weekend, and we’re no exception. Our free party line is always open, but it always seems to be busiest on weekends. Everyone likes to have company at the end of the work week, and most of us like to get a little wild as well. ;)

So if you were afraid you’d have a long, boring weekend at home, don’t worry. We’ll bring the party to you. Get yourself some snacks and your favorite drinks, settle down in your favorite chair, and give us a call. No other chat line can give you as much fun, and best of all, ours is completely free, all day, every day!

If you’re looking for party line numbers, the only one you’ll ever need to know is right here. Give us a call and see what we mean. We can’t wait to party and get wild with you, so what are you waiting for?


Feb 262013

Phone Dating

Life can be awfully lonely if you don’t have someone to share it with. It doesn’t matter how many friends you have. Often, your life will seem incomplete without that other half of you.

We here at ChatHerBox believe everyone has at least one soulmate. But what happens if that soulmate happens to live in another state? You’re probably going to have to use less conventional dating methods in order to find him or her. That’s why we offer free phone dating to the lonely.

Using a dating line is definitely unconventional, but we recommend it because many people have found their significant others this way. Unconventional times call for unconventional measures, after all. Who knows what treasures you might run across?

If you’re looking for Mr. or Ms. Right and haven’t been able to find him or her yet, then why not try out our free telephone chat? You never know who you’ll meet here, and since it’s free, you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose!

We’ll be looking for you. We can’t wait to hear from you, so grab that phone and start dialing.