Jan 042013

Free Telephone Chatline

Hey there, everyone. Now that the New Year has come to pass, it’s time to start preparing for something nobody enjoys–tax season.

If you’re one of the lucky ones, you’ll get a nice, big refund check–or at least a refund of any size. Others will either break even or, God forbid, have to pay. But no matter what your tax status is, one thing is for sure: You won’t have to spend a dime calling our free chat line!

If you get a refund, save it or splurge on something you really want, but don’t spend it on calling a chat number. What’s the point when you can have all the phone fun for free?

And if you’re broke after Uncle Sam gets finished taxing you, then the good news is that you’ll still have something to do, even if your wallet is empty. Might as well enjoy yourself, right?

Free Phone Chat

We can’t wait to brighten up your dreary winter with our free party line, so you know what to do. Dial the number below, listen to the menu options, choose the one that sounds best to you, and get to chatting–totally free!


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