Dec 042012

Free Chat Number

Most people may not admit it, but at one point or another, they’ve most likely been curious about chat lines and all that they entail. It’s hard not to wonder exactly what goes on on a chatline when you regularly see ads on the Internet and on late-night TV.

So what’s stopping most people from trying them out? The cost, or at least the perceived cost. Everybody still remembers those crazy expensive 1-900 party lines from the 80s that did a number on your phone bill and your wallet. So even when a chat line advertises itself as cheap or free, people’s minds flash back to 1-900 horror stories, and they are understandably wary.

Additionally, nobody wants to spend money–even if it’s not much–on something they don’t know if they’ll enjoy or not. That’s just good economic sense.

Therefore, if you’re curious about calling a chat number, then it stands to reason that the best chat number to call would be a free chat number, like the number we offer here at ChatHerBox.

Yes, it is 100% free to use for as long as you like. We do not collect any identifying information about you, so we can’t bill you in any way. As long as you have unlimited long distance service, you can talk all day, every day for absolutely nothing.

So what have you got to lose?


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