Aug 082012

In your wanderings around our site, we’re sure you’ve noticed the fact that we call our chat line a free chat line. But you probably don’t believe us. It’s very rare that anything in life is free, and certainly nothing worth having is. So you’re probably thinking that there must be some kind of catch or something.

So, is ChatHerBox really free?

Free Chatline

The short answer is yes.

The long answer is also yes, but with one caveat.

“Aha!” you think. “Here’s the catch! I knew there was a catch!”

Not so fast there, partner. The catch lies not within our system, but within yours.

“Mine?” you ask yourself. “What kind of system do I have that has a catch to it?”

Your phone system, my friend. We here at ChatHerBox do not collect any information about you (phone number, credit card numbers, etc.), so we cannot levy any sort of fees. However, standard per-minute long-distance charges from your telephone company still apply.

Nowadays, though, most people have unlimited long-distance service, so we feel comfortable marketing the ChatHerBox chat number as a free adult chat line. If you do have such a service, your phone will not be billed at all.

If you don’t have such a service, we encourage you to get it! That way, you can chat totally free!


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