Sep 202012

Free Phone Dating

Dating is a hassle, is it not? This isn’t counting all the hurdles you have to jump just to get to the first date. Once you actually GET the first date, then you gotta worry about if you picked the right restaurant, if she has a food allegry, if she is a vegan. What about the wine? Does she want white zin or maybe a pinoit noir? What if she doesn’t drink? What if you haven’t picked the right shoes to go with your pants?

There are so damn many questions, and you are virtually guaranteed to not pick the right answer on all of them. First dates are all about first impressions, and if you get just one wrong, you will be totally screwed. The only way to cut out all of that is not to date, but we all want companionship. So, to cut out half of it, my suggestion is phone dating, especially at first.

You just call our free chat number and find a girl, or a guy, maybe even a transsexual if that is your bag, and start talking to the person. Eventually, you will find someone you hit it off with on one of our free party lines, and then you can arrange little phone get togethers. How much easier is the first date when it is entirely on the phone? No worries about how you’re dressed, or allergies…even lifestyle choices. You can even get all of that out of the way in the conversations you have. How cool is that?

Give our dating line a call now, and you can get to looking for YOUR perfect date!


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