Oct 162012

Free Dating Line

Perhaps you’ve found our free phone dating website online, and now you’re wondering if this whole thing is for you or not. Not to worry. We’ll help you figure that out for yourself.

So what kinds of people might a dating line benefit?

~Introverts and other people who don’t enjoy the so-called “typical” ways to meet other people

~People who dislike the off-putting nature of chat rooms and other online meeting places and want a less distant alternative

~Those who find it easier to talk on the phone than through text or face-to-face when first meeting someone

~People who have recently relocated to a place where they aren’t familiar with the territory or the people

~The newly-single who aren’t sure if they’re ready for the whole dating thing again, but are ready to venture out, at least tentatively

~Many, many others

Phone dating is an excellent middle ground between detached online interaction (chat rooms, instant messenger, dating websites, etc.) and the often nerve-wracking face-to-face meeting. That’s not to say that phone dating will never lead to face-to-face interaction. It just provides a method of meeting people that’s neither completely detached nor 100% immediate, and that’s what makes it such a good solution for many people.

So why not give our free chat line a try? What do you have to lose, after all?


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