Aug 242012

Gay Adult Chatline

Up until now, we’ve mostly discussed how men who are seeking women to talk to can use our adult chatline. But what about gay and bisexual men who are looking for other men to chat with? Don’t worry, guys, you can find all that you need right here. You might have to dig a little more than the guys who are looking for women, but you can DEFINITELY find other men like you who are hoping to find like-minded gentlemen with whom to chat.

One of the best ways to do this is to browse the personal ads in our virtual bulletin section, which can be accessed by pressing “4” when you reach the main menu. You may also create your own personal ad, so that similarly-minded men may seek you out as well.

Once you find someone who piques your interest, you may begin live phone chat with him using our various live chat methods, such as the Rumba Room party line and or live one-on-one chat.

So, yes, guys, our chat line can certainly be a gay chat line if you wish it to be. All you have to do is call in to find the man of your dreams!


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