Mar 282013

Let The Party Begin

Thank God, it’s Friday! (Well, almost.)

In fact, it’s nearly Good Friday–or it will be in a couple of hours, anyway. And although we know what they were going for when they named it “Good” Friday, it’s still altogether depressing when you think about it too much. But fear not! Your friends at ChatHerBox are going to put the GOOD into this Good Friday without any of the depressing implications…starting with our party line!

Fridays are party days, so Good Friday should be an EXTREME party day, right? Well, that’s what we’re gearing up for here on our free party line. We’ll let you be the judge of how well we’re doing. ;)

Of course, the party line won’t be the only thing that’s jumping on Friday. With the coming of spring and Easter–times that are euphemistically considered times of “reproduction”–we expect that the dating line will be hopping, too. But there’s really only one way to find out, right?

So consider this your formal invitation: Come party with us this Friday, and we’ll turn it from Good Friday into AWESOME Friday. You can have all the uncensored chat you like on our free chat line. We’ll be here waiting for you.


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