Jul 282012

Free Adult Chat Line

So you’ve decided that phone dating is for you, huh? Congratulations! We’re glad to have you on board here at Chat Her Box. We think you’ll have a great time.

But now you may be wondering how to impress a woman over the phone once you call in to our live chatline. Well, we’ve come up with a few tips that might help you when the time comes.

First of all, remember that women tend to be more “auditory” while men tend to be more “visual.” That means that you can charm her with your voice over the phone, and she will most likely respond very well to it! Speak clearly and confidently, and not too loudly or too quietly. Speaking too fast is a clear sign of nervousness, so take a deep breath and slow your words down a bit as you talk.

Secondly, there are very few women in the world who don’t love a man who makes them laugh. So if you have any funny anecdotes, interesting stories, or amusing jokes, try to slide a couple of them into the conversation when it seems appropriate.

Thirdly, a good conversation is all about balance. Don’t do all the talking yourself, but don’t expect her to carry the conversation for you, either. Try to spend about as much time asking questions as you do answering them.

Finally, LISTEN to what she has to say! You’d be amazed at how many men forget this simple step. Pay attention to what she’s saying and be genuinely interested in it. She will be pleased that you’ve done so.

All right, guys, now that you have your game plan in mind, it’s time to man up! Grab that phone and dial our free chat number below to meet a lovely lady!


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