Jul 242012

Adult Chatline

We’ve all heard the old adage “Loose lips sink ships!” It’s a little silly in most circumstances, it’s true, because it’s not very likely the things you say are going to be sinking any battleships anytime soon. However, revealing too much in the wrong situation can lead to catastrophic situations.

First of all, let’s make it clear: We here at Chat Her Box DO NOT collect any private information from you. No credit card numbers, no addresses, nothing. Your phone number is not stored in our system when you call in on the chatline. So if we do not have access to any of your information, then there’s no way that other participants in the phone chat can have it, either, so you need not worry about that.

That means that the only way other callers can have any sensitive information about you is if you personally give it to them.

We strongly advise that you keep all private information private. We want our callers to enjoy our chat line and be safe while they’re doing it. You are not forbidden to share this information, since we do allow phone dating, but we do ask you to use common sense and discretion.

Happy chatting!


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