Feb 042013


Regardless of what men may think, dating is hard for women as well. We have to navigate ground that men would never imagine having to do. It can definitely get old at times.

Blind dates almost always end badly. Chat rooms and dating sites are iffy at best. And even though your friends are great, the people they know with whom they try to set you up are hardly ever your type. So what’s a girl to do when she’s at the end of her rope?

We suggest trying a chat line.

More specifically, we suggest phone dating. The telephone is a great medium to meet and evaluate others. It gives you the opportunity to talk to them and hear the voices but without having to worry about how nerve-wracking a face-to-face conversation can be, especially when meeting someone else for the first time.

You can use our free party line to meet people, or you can browse our virtual bulletin board, where you can listen to others’ personals ads or even place your own if you feel so inclined. The personals allow a certain amount of control over who you speak with, so we highly recommend those!

Give us a call, ladies, and watch many of the obstacles of dating melt right away!


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