Jan 202013

Free Party Line

The best part about house parties is that they only end when you want them to. You don’t get chased out after some bartender tells you it’s closing time. You don’t have to find another place to go when the place you’re at closes or gets boring. Hell, you probably won’t even have to leave to go to sleep. If it’s your house, you can just crash in your own bed, and if it’s a friend’s house, he or she probably won’t mind you borrowing the couch for the night.

But the shitty part about house parties is cleaning up the next day. Nobody enjoys that at all. It makes you wish there were a better way to party, doesn’t it?

Well, guess what. There totally is. You can have all the fun of a regular house party all by yourself, mess-free, by using our chat line!

How so, you ask? By using our wonderful free party line, of course. Dialing into the party line brings the party right into your house to keep you entertained and happy all night, but without the huge mess to clean up later. It’s all the party and none of the hassle.

And best of all? It’s totally free. Why not give our free chat line at try? You’ve got nothing to lose, after all.


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