Oct 122012

Free Phone Dating

We found this article on Shine from Yahoo recently and thought we’d discuss it in today’s blog post. We encourage you to give it a read!

The article talks about the different “categories” of single women, listing 12 of them. Each “category” of woman has a different reason for being single. For example, The Phoenix has recently gotten out of a bad relationship and is trying to rise from the ashes, so to speak. The Princess-In-Waiting is waiting for her perfect Prince to come spirit her away.

While we here at the free chat line agree that there are many different types of women, we aren’t so sure that they all fit neatly into a pre-set category–or even a pre-set number of categories. Besides, women are far too complex to be reduced to “types” that explain why they’re single!

But no matter what type of woman you’re seeking–if you’re even seeking a “type” at all–you can find her right here on our free dating line.

So why don’t you give us a call and try your hand at phone dating? It’s certainly more proactive than sitting around dividing women into categories! At least you’ll get a chance to talk to some of them this way. ;)


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