Jul 162012

Phone Dating

So you’ve been looking for the perfect venue to meet women (or men, if you’re a gay man or a straight or bisexual woman). You don’t enjoy the bar scene. Chat rooms are too full of bots and cam whores. Dating websites tend to be full of fake profiles, people who aren’t looking for anything serious, or people who are already in relationships and are just looking for a little something on the side. And Craigslist…well, it’s in a category all by itself: the creepy category.

So…what’s a guy (or girl) like you to do, then? Would you laugh if we told you that phone dating might be an excellent option?

Yes, it might sound a little silly at first, but think about it. First of all, what have you got to lose? Secondly, it combines the best aspect of dating sites (the fact that they’re free!) with the best aspect of chat rooms (the fact that there are many people in one place for you to talk to in real time at once). Thirdly, there’s the additional aspect of being able to hear people’s voices, rather than just reading what they type. With all that combined, our free phone dating service offers something you really can’t find anywhere else.

So why not give it a try? What have you got to lose, after all? Just dial the completely FREE chat number listed below and give it a shot.


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