Aug 152012

Chat Number

Hi there. Now, you found this free party line website, and some of you have all begun wondering the same thing. That thing is “ust what in the fuck is a party line?” Well, here’s a quick explanation.

Back in the day, party line was shorthand for multi-party phone line. Originally, it started off as a sort of discount service for when phones were new-fangled inventions that were incredibly expensive. Basically, two or more households would all have the same party line number in the same neighborhood, because only rich people had private numbers. So if someone important called for you, you just had to pray the family down the street didn’t answer and totally blow things for you.

Of course, all that changed when private numbers became a more common thing. Eventually, party lines mutated into what they are now, which are mainly free chatlines for people who would rather hear the sound of another person’s voice instead of the cold clicks of their own keyboards.

So that brings us today! ChatHerBox offers a fun and free service for people who wish they could “party” on the phone. And that’s exactly what you can do when you give us a call. Talk to you soon!


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