Sep 122012

Adult Party Line

Hi, everybody! How are you doing today? I am doing FANTASTIC! Unfortunately, I know that a lot of other people may not feel the same the way. But I can offer you a solution, if you’re interested.

So, here is something NOT so fantastic….Working can be a stress filled environment, as we all know. Your boss could be looking over every last thing you do, nitpicking and dissecting until you just want to run out and do donuts in the parking lot with your windows down and the system up. I honestly hate that sort of stuff, don’t you? It is annoying as hell, and it makes me feel so angry. But, if you feel like I feel, I’ve got the antidote. Calling a free chat number! And listening to Slim Shady beforehand….

A free party line can put you with a bunch of people who have crappy bosses and let you vent all you want. Commiserate with people who know your pain. Then, when you are done with your angry rants and stories of peeing in the toner, you can find a guy, or a girl, or maybe something in between and figure out where things will lead you. Maybe even a little phone dating or something else. So fight the power, and have a little fun while you’re at it!


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