Aug 162012

Free Chat Number

When women are asked what it is that they look for in a man, their answer is rarely “a big dick” or “a big wallet” or “a big house” or anything else that requires the superlative “big.” In fact, the most common answer to that question might surprise you!

In fact, what most women want is a man with a good sense of humor who can make them laugh! This is something that is very important to remember when trying to engage in phone dating.

This is something we discussed a little in our post about Impressing A Woman, but we feel that it’s so important that we should mention it yet again.

Now, when we say that ladies want to chat with someone who makes them laugh, we don’t mean that you should act silly or extremely sarcastic because that is just as big a turn-off for most women as a missing sense of humor. You should instead think of the things that you say or do that make your female friends or your sisters or female cousins or even your mother genuinely smile or laugh. Those are the kinds of things you’ll want to do more of in order to appeal to the ladies you’ll meet on our free adult chatline.


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